Saturday, September 23, 2023

A Weird Photo

Taken last May, the (saved as) photo on the right has a shadow of something on the upper right corner. When I first uploaded the image, during editing, the shadow moved to the left. The mountain peak on the upper right was more visible. I noticed it because the shadow was slowly moving when it shouldn't have been moving. JPG images don't go video on their own.

Since then, there are times when I open the original picture, and nothing happens. The shadow is where it is now in the posted photograph. At other times, the mountain peak is visible until the shadow moves to the left.

I thought it was my imagination. No other pictures taken of the area have the shadow nor are they blurry. I thought it is an optical allusion, (stare at something and sooner or later it will change), until I noted the mountain peak being covered.

What image weirdness have you seen?

Is that a normal photography anomaly?

Friday, September 22, 2023

Day 265 of Week 38 September 2023


Mums in September

Autumn. Arrived 
slowly, drenched in summer memories of rain.
Water. Lentils, soup, and surely a spicey tea
for evenings when thoughts warm,
nestle in daydreams pulled across 6 in the evening.
The news is over. The games begin. The toes in socks
cross each other, fetal, real, rested. A book opens.
A television goes off. Clicker dormant. 
Apple crisp waits, cool and sweet
for the tada of the fridge light going on.
Leaves frosted and dry,
churn outdoors
in a chilly wind spinning names
and sounds calling Winter.

M. Flannery
September 2023

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Chicken Soup, Tissue Boxes & Decluttering


Chicken Soup Easy

1 boneless chicken breast chunks 
2 quart pan
1 medium onion diced
1 celery stalk diced
1 cup carrots chopped
1 teaspoon garlic powder

2 cups water boil to a slow roll
Add ingredients
Boil 5 minutes
Reduce heat to a gently simmer until celery is done

Chopped potatoes or 1/4 cup par boiled rice 
Serve with garlic bread or dumplings

This is another scheduled post that I didn't finish. Half way is some way. I didn't get to taking the photographs. The text about tissue box designs did get as far as the picture.

The weather in this part of Vermont was gorgeous today. I did take time to sit outdoors for a short while between decluttering sessions. This morning I chose one area to do completely. It looks wonderful! As long as I stay out of the other room, I won't be reminded where all that stuff went.

I'm laughing. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My Desk & Shelves

Various stuff on the desk

During and shortly after moving furniture around, my desk is the main depository of stuff. The actual desk top is in the lower right of the photo.

Mahl stick, design notebook, level, packing material,
organizers, project basket

Shelves also have places where things can rest until their new home is found.

The rest of the room is waiting for final decisions to be made.

Yes, it has been a slow blog idea day again. I scheduled this entire week for posts. Today was booked to be about harvesting. Lots of researching to do on that subject. It has been rescheduled for next week. 

There was a time when I could go to the library to do research, browse books, the pictures, get ideas, feel studious. Alas, our local library study area has been turned into a lounge complete with sofas! Breaks my heart to see most of those gorgeous oak shelves, table and chairs gone. It feels like a sacred place of knowledge repurposed into a waiting room for boredom. Harsh to say, but accurate.

Anyway, allergy season is at work in my area despite the Vermont AQCD (air quality) report as Good, (0-50). The goldenrod blooming is gorgeous. There isn't as much purple aster, but the season is young. Wearing a mask helps. With covid on the rise, I have begun to wear a mask when out shopping, sometimes. Also, wearing a mask when deep cleaning and moved things around is a good idea to protect one from all the dust.

Check our your state website to see if they have an air quality report. I found the one in Vermont during the Canadian wild fire smoke alerts.

In a rush to get a project finished, I started to put the legs on the wrong side. There was such a mess of clutter, I didn't find the tool I wanted for predrilling the wood.

So I hand screwed the leg almost on the whole way. Without predrilling, that is good arm muscle exercise. I will be using the drill today.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Pumpkins & Crafts

 Links to websites with lovely pumpkin

Three 7.5 to 2.5 inch pumpkins in the kit

Alice & Lois Marbled Indigo Pumpkins
An easy way to gorgeous up a faux pumpkin

Hurry Back on Etsy, Faux Rustic Wood Pumpkins
Love the rustic look!

Salt Dough Pumpkin Face
at Salty Pumpkin Crafts

     Selecting a favorite pumpkin to buy or to make can be daunting there are so many lovely design ideas out there. The marbled pumpkins are gorgeous. The Rustic wood pumpkins melt the heart. Crocheting pumpkins from a kit feels like an easy and relaxing project while watching television or listening to an audio book.

     Ah, The Pumpkin Hunt! 
Along country roads, grocery stores, garden centers,  you can make it into a yearly special excursion event.

The local Shaw's supermarket has huge boxes of good sized pumpkins for sale already. I like the small pie pumpkins because I can bake them. The larger pumpkins can be used for cooking as well. Roasted pumpkin seeds I have had no luck with. 

Browsing the many pumpkin crafts online, I've decided to use some scrap wood I have to make a flat twig style pumpkin to hang on the wall. Similar to the one at Thistlewood Farms website. Burlap ribbon from last year tied with jute twine will be the decoration. After Thanksgiving, I can add a spring of pine and pine cones for the holidays.

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